What happened to Baduktopia?

Did they close down? Or do they still publish books in Korean, but just not in English anymore?

I’m looking for their Jump Level Up books. I heard there are more Jump Level Up (like level 6 and so on) and similar books from them that goes beyond. But only in Korean.

I like their drills.

edit: Fun fact, looking at their archived website, ¹ÙµÏÅäÇÇ¾Æ ·¹º§½Ã¸®Áî Á¶°ßÇ¥, it seems the English translation oversold the rating. Jump Level Up seems to be meant for 18 kyu to 25 kyu.

The yellow-highlighted ones are planned books that are not written yet.


It seems that they closed down(at least on the Internet). Their website says in Korean “You cannot make a purchase after May 31st, 2021.”