What happened to Gotha Tournaments? It seems thoroughly broken

About a month and a half ago I created this tournament:

And it all seemed to work just fine (within reason, for beta quality).

Now, I’m trying to organize a tournament for my local Go club, and suddenly everything is broken:

  • Scheduled games do not show up anywhere.

  • I cannot click on the different rounds.

  • I cannot start rounds because it shows this message

Start round [object Object]1 now?

And then

Not Found The requested resource

  • Somehow the “Roster”, which should show registered players now shows the games for round 1 for no reason.

It’s just that nothing works

And it all seemed to work just fine (within reason, for beta quality).

Actually, nevermind. The old tournament has been retroactively broken as well.

What happened? I’m kind of desperate.


@anoek any ideas if the open gotha stuff changed recently?

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After thinking about it for a while, I think I know the source of the problem (though not its exact nature).

OpenGotha (the program), has not changed, so the problem is not there.

On the Beta website I was able to actually start the first round (and only the first round) of a test tournament, but I had to do it in an unconventional fashion: Since the “Roster” section showed the pairings for the 1st round instead, I could start that round from there.
The buttons to navigate between rounds are completely useless though.

So, this is my suspicion:

It must be a display problem. Somehow the functions of the different buttons got mixed up. Suspect they are stored in some sort of list and the numbering got shifted by 1, or something like that (I don’t really know how to use GitHub, so I can’t check it out for myself).

So, for now, I can work around the bug by creating each round on a separate tournament. Obviously this is not ideal. But as long as nothing else breaks, I think I can still salvage the functionality (at least for this tournament that I’m due in two weeks).

Still, I think it was probably one small thing which broke everything else. I hope @anoek may have the time to dig into this bug soonish.


I might tag @benjito and @GreenAsJade as well, for the dual reasons that anoek is sometimes hard to buzz and the others are very active on many corners of GH and might have an idea on tracking down what/how this broke.


Actually I haven’t heard anything about Gotha breaking myself (and tbh I don’t even really know how it works except for participating in Leira’s last tournament)

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Ok thanks anyway. Hopefully anoek can look into what might have changed recently.

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Nothing has changed recently on our end.


:thinking: Still, it’s got a different behavior than it did a month ago.

Maybe something else changed, and Gotha tournaments did not react well to it.

Please excuse my ignorance on the subject. I do not really know how the server works, internally. So all my statements are just guesses (and I’ve no idea what any of that code means); take with a grain of salt.

I searched recent pull requests (where recent means from the last 2 months), and if I had to pick a likely suspect, this one would be it:

It is the one I see making any extensive changes to tournaments in general.