What happened to KOMI display on thumbnail for a 9x9 game

Komi value does NOT display on screen for 9x9 games

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Good riddance, it’s not the komi but a bizarre combination of komi plus captures plus currently totally enclosed territory so is useless. Hopefully it disappears from all board size thumbnails.


Unfortunately I think it’s still present in thumbnails but removed from the game pages (Android, Brave).

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Ok, I live in hope.

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What am I missing here? Why the hate? I just want to be able to accurately count a during the game and need to know the komi for that. I play with handicaps, so komi is not always 5.5. Sometimes it’s 3.5 and sometimes it’s 0.5.

Because it’s not just the komi: if you have totally surrounded 3 separate 1 point eyes then it will add 3, but if you’ve got a likely 10 point territory but it’s not closed down to the first line (because you aren’t in late endgame) that’s not counted, so it’s basically a useless number.

EDIT: actually this appears to no longer be the case (it was years ago), it now seems to be just komi + captures which is a much more sensible number. But this useless territory number lives on here if you click on the captures count on player cards with the ? cursor in a game:

(for black on the thumbnail it shows 4 rather than 7 which is good, but the word “points” is a poor description of the metric)

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@benjito tracked down the cause of the disappearance of Komi from the Player Cards on all Games on the Game page - it’s fixed now (in the sense that it’s back to the way it was a month or so ago, when it got accidentally removed).

(yes grammar checker, passive voice intended :sweat_smile:)