What happened to Oza Treizes?

It has been delayed for months since the end of the 2nd round and the third has yet to start. It has been delayed so much until the 2017 one has started already. What gives?

https://online-go.com/game/5117784 2nd round still has one game going.

Look at the only correspondence tournament i ever joined https://online-go.com/tournament/3451 Started in 2014

Wonder how I missed that.

So… you mean all large correspondence tournaments here all have winners that are a few years late?

2016th title correspondence winner will be awarded in 2018 then? Wow the names sure are misleading then.

Also I feel your pain though not to your extent. ><

I mean, it all depends on how long it takes to play. When people go on vacation mode and whatnot, it can take quite some time to complete. I think when the tournament started is better than a guesstimate about when it will end.

Thanks at least there should only be one round left after this and odds are tarot won’t be in it and they are pretty slow. Who knows with xhu being disqualified i might get a medal xp

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