What happens if I become a supporter, and cancel it?

Hi, I am planning to support OGS as the website already offers what we want (playing with other players without limit) for free.

I am just wondering if I buy the monthly support and cancel it after a month, what happens? Do I still have the supporter sign and coloured nickname in my profile outside of the Ai review? I am still a student, affording $60/year is a bit too much for me :((

Also, I remember there used to be a Kyu, Dan and Pro supporter level, where did those options go?

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Supporter status is like a subscription that can be canceled at any time. The perks last at least until one’s period of support has ended. So, I think those remain until the next payment period begins.

These were renamed, and there is more related discussion about recent changes to the supporter system in this thread:


Thank you for the brief explanation!

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