What have you learnt from GO?

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Goodness, what haven’t I learned from Go?


Go has helped me develop a completely different attitude around LEARNING FROM MY MISTAKES.

In the past, I’d grown accustomed to there always being “one right answer” to something, and - once I figured out what that answer was - everything would be OK.

Go is most definitely NOT like that. In Go, one needs to constantly make strategic decisions to select moves that are appropriate to one’s rank and ability. Sure - there’s always some high-level AI ready to tell you to what the “best” move might be for that position, but the strategy behind that move (risky cut / risky invasion) might represent a much more complex strategy than I can follow through to a successful ending on my own.

As such, understanding HOW I made a mistake at my current level (didn’t utilize my sente opportunities enough, made poor shape decisions, etc) helps me see how I can level up gradually, and in ways I can relate to.

Because of this, I no longer beat myself up for not knowing that “one right answer”. I am now much more comfortable seeing mistakes as valuable opportunities to see where I can develop. I don’t need to get to the top of some impossibly asymptotic peak - I just need to figure out how to get to the next step of the climb.


Sometimes the best and only correct move is to just resign. It is perfectly ok to give up and quit when the situation seems hopeless.


Mistakes happen. Don’t dwell on your own - learn from them. Stay calm, don’t act in anger, breathe, think of a way to put it right. Think before you act. Always be on the lookout for opportunities; and when you see one, go for it without delay.




Humility! : )


Great point! Most of the reports for bad behavior arise from an immature attitude toward losing: score cheating, stalling, refusal to accept the score, and escaping.


Go has actually taught me a lot I imagine my childhood would have been very different without it.

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