What is a mass system adjustment?

I’ve been looking through some profiles and some people went from a 30k to a 2d. What happened?

@seminyoon1, care to post the link to a few of these profiles?

i have one that took me from 26k to 16kyu back when we were deflated and the ranks we’re even harder.

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Yes, but this here sounds quite different, and IF it happened (I must’ve missed it) it probably was manual adjustment of sandbagger accounts, or strong players registered and didn’t understand how to set their initial rank and then asked moderators to adjust it.

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It apparently happened on 7/28/2014


He went from a 30k to a 21k

yeah thats normal, im guessing you were exaggerating with the 30kyu to 2dan

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Yes, this is normal - they were trying to get OGS ranks to align better with KGS, and the “beginner” level on KGS is 21k (OGS had been starting people at 30k before that time).

I am not sure, but I think they continue to do occasional surveys of people’s ranks on other services - potentially in order to do further adjustments?

All this is a bit of a mystery to me, as OGS is the only rank I have ever had. It was a weird feeling going from 18k to 12k that day, even knowing that nothing had actually changed in my ability :smiley: It is just a number, but we attach so much to it eh.

Stalker alert :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumor has it that newer versions of G0tstats will make it even easier to stalk OGS players. :astonished::grin:

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I remember well when that mass adjustment happened, i was one of many 30 kyus at the time. I was just starting my go “career” and ogs was the only server i was on, but no matter how i tried to learn and improve i couldn’t get even into 29k, because there was so many other 30 kyu players who were trying to do the same. Vast majority of them were not total beginners but lot stronger, many of them were somewhere like 15 kyu on today’s ogs standards.
So i kept losing most of my games against 30 kyus and my rating only went downhill as i played, and i wasn’t the only one, it was beginning to be a little bit of a problem server wide, OGS was full of 30 kyus trying to improve, and only the strongest sandbaggers could make it to 29 kyu, the rest were just fighting each others and ranks got pretty stagnated at that level.

Mass system adjustment increased everybodys rank by 10-15 stones, making some diversity and allowing me to find other players who had similiar 20 kyu strength as i had, instead me getting just beaten by 30 kyus who were actually close for being sdk’s

If I recall, that adjustment was accompanied by a change in how the rating algorithm worked to prevent rank depression from new players by injecting additional rating points at lower ranks.