What is best Go app today?


I know tsumegopro, go4go, ellygo, and hactar go…




I know tsumegopro, go4go, ellygo, and hactar go…

which one do you prefer among those and why ?


You would probably do well to reformulate your question. Go app for what? Solving problems? Analysis? Playing? etc. “go app” is very broad term


For playing on android I use crazy stone lite. Free for all board sizes about dan level strength :slight_smile: and all around pleasant app.

With hactar I very much like the diverse tsumegos, but hate the desing and controls to be honest :smiley:


My favorite Go apps include SmartGo Books (iOS), SmartGo Kifu (iOS) for the pro games collection, Tsumego Pro (iOS and Android), Champion Go/Crazy Stone (iOS and Android) for playing.

I use both an iPad and an Android phone. Really wish there was a SmartGo Books version for Android as that is the primary app that ties me to iOS.


You and me both :smiley: the only I think I ever envied of apple