What is "Error submitting move" about?

I was just finishing the yose of a won game.

Last byo-yomi, 15 seconds left. “Error submitting move”.

The game freezes up, I have to refresh, I time out.

My internet connection was perfectly fine. I’ve never seen another server make it so unsafe to play on your last period.

PS. I’d like the game annulled if possible, or at least get my rank refunded. I didn’t “time it out”; the site made it impossible for me to play.

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I don’t know what happened, but I saw it a few times too, especially playing very fast games. Not this month, I think.
I have asked your opponent if they agree with the annulation, it would make it easier.



I’m just a little bit mad, lol – not at myself, since I didn’t time out, or at my opponent, since he was perfectly polite, or at the hardworking devs since they’re awesome.

Just a little bit mad in general :D

I know it’s a trivial issue, but it sucks to spend time on a game and lose basically by chance like that, due to something outside your control.

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I have learnt my lesson not to go onto my last period any more ^w^

I have seen some site-load issues in relation to the post-game Ai analysis but to the best of my knowledge there have been no recent site issues which would impact move submission. AFAIK what you describe is a user connection problem that might be fleeting, or might just be your computer using the connection for some background task.

I would like OGS to make it more obvious to users when their connection to the site has failed. I sometimes achieve this by keeping a message tab open with a user that I know is on.

Since my own connection is appalling, I side-step this issue by playing custom games with fischer timing and I leave myself enough time to deal with connection issues. I also check my connection and/or refresh if my opponent seems to be taking longer than expected.

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I agreed to drop the issue since the opponent was apparently a little sceptical, which is his right.

It is just a game, after all. As to whether I had a faulty connection, I didn’t notice any effects of that – the page refreshed fine. I’ll avoid going onto my last byo-yomi in future, since I know this error is lurking.


On the plus side, this issue inspired me to create one of my memes that I’m most fond of: Go Memes! 🧐 - #720 by Kosh


I too have had this error when my Internet connection otherwise seems fine. Aesalon raised it as a reason strong players don’t play on OGS because they like blitz and it makes playing games unreliable and infuriating. As a software developer who has also had to debug similar intermittent and hard to reproduce bugs in networking code I appreciate it is difficult to fix, but I do think doing so is much higher priority than adding more options and bells and whistles for trivial side features. Being able to play moves is core functionality for a go server. When it happens doing a full page reload is rather a nuclear option that exacerbates the problem.


Yesterday I said it didn’t happen to me anymore, but today it happened to me many times in this game. It’s probably the connection (I suspected i would have had some problems and the other players were comprehensive) but everything else was working fine. An interesting thing is that one of my chat messages says “move 0”.

(I joined because I was asked to, not to annoy the players. And, anyway, I could almost finish the game)

I think the may be a site-wide issue going on regarding the connectivity or a related module. There have been reports of people getting “reset” when in analysis mode and one of the proposed reasons was also intermittent connectivity to the website. A bit of a long shot but they may very well be related.

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I always aware that if I do move in the last few seconds, something may go wrong. So I understand that I should use full time only if I may lose with my current next move idea. and reading full ladder anyway even if I’m 100 points ahead and don’t need it

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I’ve had this in a few games recently when I’ve never had it before. But it only happened a handful of times, maybe a week or two ago, and I don’t think it’s happened in the last few days.

Not sure this is something OGS can do anything about …

I’m on a 400 Mbit cable connection—and I also often get disconnected for a short moment, and as I only play slow correspondence games, this usually happens when I am in analysis mode.

I believe it is a network problem rather than something OGS can “repair”: while one single huge download is amazingly fast, this changes when it’s a huge number of many small files—there I have to restart downloads sometimes. And Web pages, while they generally load quickly, sometimes just stop loading.

But pls note that I understand nothing of networking tech.