What is pausing?

In one of my correspondance games, my opponent went on vacation, or so I thought. After a lot of time passed (weeks? A month? More?) I looked in the game and saw that it was paused, that white had several (4?) pauses remaining, and that I had the option to resume the game.

What is this feature? How is it triggered, and what does it mean? Does a player always have the right to pause a correspondance game? Is there a minimum time that the pause must last? Is it up to the opponent’s discretion? etc. etc.

vacation and pausing are unrelated… well, they are related in that both can stop the game.

Pausing (not vacaton) is a button on each running game that can stop the clock… either play can pause OR unpause. It’s meant to be used mainly so that a live can be stopped and the players can negotiate on a start time. If you opponent has clicked pause and hasn’t negotiated a restart with you then you should feel free to unpause.

Games that are paused for more than 30 days are automatically ended in a Draw.

Could pausing be disabled for correspondence games please?