What is the earliest move AI has said you lost in an even game?

I once attempted to watch someone pass after they played one move. It was the most frustrating thing.

There is no rules about how much the AI says you have to be losing by. I could play a normal 9x9 game and do this, not even on purpose. I don’t need to pass for a bunch of turns. That also just defeats the purpose of playing if you aren’t on to troll people. Why sign up for the game if you don’t care and are going to pass the whole game.

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I have a question somewhat relating to this topic.

Why does the AI give me 100% chances of losing in some games, even if I win that same game(I am sure it has happened the opposite way, but I don’t look at all of my games that I lose. I understand that my opponent made a bad move or something, but clearly they don’t have a 100% chance of winning if I win these games.

Some examples:


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AI assumes its playing with itself, and assumes that both players play the optimal end-game. It does not take the human-errors as a factor. Like on that forked game with gia, black had won the game from where you start and AI saw 0% change of white winning as long as the black plays the best responses (which didnt happen)

TBH i think you’re right saying that it should say “99.9%” and not “100%” at best, because of couse there is always a tiny chance of losing, regardless how much you are ahead on board. Like you know, maybe your network connection goes down when youre about to pass and you lose on time. Stuff like that, the outcome is never fully 100% certain before both players have passed.


I assume it displays 100% when the winrate gets equal to or above 99.95%.

And of course, technically the outcome is actually either 100% or 0% at any point, assuming optimal play. Bar from the absolute end of the game (at which point it becomes combinatorial game theory and strategies can be proven to be optimal by us mortals), it’s just us that can’t really be certain.


Then why does it still have 99.9% chances?

Probably for when the win rate is between 99.85% and 99.94%.


Just to put my shame on full display, may I remind everyone we switched colors at the beginning of the forked game.

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Hey! I am sure I can find a game that I look terrible in. I’ll post it after I feel like finding the game I am thinking of(and I am not looking right now)

You know what, screw that. I don’t feel like digging for games.

What about largest percentage change?

I have -195.6% in 1 move.

I think this beats that

Also it isn’t a change of 195%, it is a change of about 96% in your game.

Oh you’re right! The winning percentage sum is always 100 :smiley: