What is the japanese character for Miai?

Doing Tsumego recently, I often find I write miai with a couple of arrows, to fully notate the problem. It would be a lot quicker for me just to write a jeans character, or a globally accepted symbol for mini. Is there one? Thanks, help much appreciated

under miai (pro tip: ctrl+f then type miai :wink: ) there is some mix of kanji and hiragana. Might be what you are looking for.
If you want only hiragana it should be easy to spell :), but in case you are lazy here is a converter for you: http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hiragana_conversion.htm

(i know almost nothing about japanese) so it’s a little confusing for me - the term 見合い that is listed in the sensei library already seems to have the ai 合 (I know this one from ai ki do :smiley: ) at the end so why the extra i い? Anyone knows? I am just curious…


from my (extremely limited) knowledge of japanese my guess is that the additional < i > is there, because the kanji has different readings. one reading is simply < a > another could be the one you know < ai >.

in japanese it is generally very difficult to know a (chinese) characters pronunciation in one word from knowing it in another, as they can be eintirely (or just slightly) different depending on your luck :slight_smile:. that is especially true for (old) compounds built from kanji alone.

EDIT: i just found this:

連合 (hiragana れんごう, rōmaji rengō, historical hiragana れんがふ)

union, alliance, combination


happy coincidence? i dont think so :slight_smile:.
(in case you wonder. that isnt the character used in the word “igo”.)

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From Japanese dictionary I found that 合う means to meet, to come together, to match. 合い would be a noun from this verb and often used as suffix for words with meaning of “together​”. For example, 助ける - to help with 合い at the end it would be 助け合い (noun) - helping each other, mutual aid. 見 - means to look, so 見合い would be “looking together” or maybe “looking at two places at the same time”. Of course, I wouldn’t know whether my thoughts are true or not, since I don’t know Japanese.

Dictionary also states that 見合い means “formal marriage interview; marriage meeting​”, so basically “arranged marriage”: http://jisho.org/word/見合い

Anyway, just writing “miai” seems faster to me than trying to invent a special code for it.

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IGS used to have a great reference section but it seems to be gone. There is this https://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/learning_go/go_terms.html which gave: 見合い
(Depending on browser text encoding you might get garbage for the Japanese. Ah, you could also try this link https://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/learning_go/go_terms2.html).