What is the OGS team working on?

If it’s not a secret!
I checked ogs.uservoice.com, but it seems little out of date. The 3 ‘started’ features have already been added.
Is there something I’ve been missing? Or is everything hush hush until it’s released?


It’s not a secret! But there is not really a clearly laid out checklist either. :smiley:

The uservoice is more of an ideas for future place and what is most notably being worked on are all the bugs and enhancements (https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues)

There is also several people (@GreenAsJade :wink: ) who just every now and then submit an awesome pull request OGS merges, but to find out what they are working on you would have to ask them :slight_smile:

So if you are looking for something big like pair go or things like that, it may still be a little while, right now it is mostly the “small things” to have everything running smoothly. At least as far as I know…

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Yes, it seems OGS team is working on non-superfluous polishment and there are plenty of github issues in the backlog.
So, if the priority is to have half of it completed, probably pair go will be for 2020+. Additional servers will probably arrrive in 2019.
This is the point of view of an OGS user, so I know nothing. It’s just a guess.
The frontend part is open source and one of the pros is anyone can conribute to make the progress faster. And, thanks :slight_smile:



Nice, well I’d rather bug fixing and smoothness than some niche feature. Keep up the good work.


Are you guys working on an iOS app?

The OGS team isn’t working on an iOS app as far as I know

There has been talk of independent people doing that, in this thread.

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@danielt1263 and I are going to put together an iOS app. The delayed start has been all me as work has stomped all my free design time, although things are getting back to normal after next week.

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Oh my, I’ve been outed as an iOS developer! :smiley: However, I am in no way a designer and I don’t see a point in making an iOS app that looks like a substandard version of the web app/site we already have.

I expect the whole thing will be open-source so anybody can follow along and make their own build if they have a Mac and Xcode. Also, I personally own an iPad mini on iOS 9.3 so I plan on making it for 9.3 and up.


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