What is the optimal size to have a big icon as avatar?

HI, i just changed my avatar icon… and i can’t see a way to make it in the same size as before, for my personal taste, the icon now is too small.
If i use the orginal picture it can’t be uploaded because “too big” … after i croped the image it will be displayed too small (for my taste).

It’s usually 200x200 or 120x120… Correct me if I’m wrong…

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thnx, for the reply, if i use 200x200 still there are many other avatars (like the one i use to have) with much bigger final size… it is not a big deal, i just wonder, how to get the biggest possible (wich is still just normal size) avatar?

I would recommend gimp to work on the pictures and if you save the picture without the exif data, keep the resolution down, and keep the quality under 80%,you will come out around 240kb in size. But still depends on the picture…

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The limit to the size of the Avatar icon is 240kB File size - not a pixel size, except it is square at maximum area.

Do I understand correctly, please ?

Regards, Ed

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