What is the purpose of (un?) ranked games?

So many dispute, bully, questions etc. what is the purpose

I think the main purpose of ranked games on OGS is to figure out the level of each player, so they can find opponents of a similar level to play against.
Many OGS players prefer playing against opponents of around their own level, rather than playing against opponents who are much stronger or much weaker.

Regardless of that, if you feel you are bullied on OGS, you can report it.


Due to a typo in the title, it wasn’t clear whether the OP is asking about ranked or unranked games :laughing:

I read it one way, gennan read it the other way.

The purpose of unranked games is so that people can feel relaxed while playing, not having to worry that the outcome of the game will affect their rank.

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Also: some rules options (nonstandard komi for instance) are only available for unranked games.


Another purpose, not mentioned, is that unranked is typically used for teaching games.


Unranked games are useful for many things, such as teaching, playing without the stress of being ranked, and safely testing new strategies.

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Some disagree with what is rated or not by default (blitz, 9x9, handicap, etc…). So they can chose what will update their ranking or not.
Be ultrablitz 9x9 or be 19x19 with longer time settings or be a correspondance game with analysis on and joseki dictionaries for example.

Unusual grid size (other as 9, 13, 19) can never be rated on OGS. (and rengo, forks and as mentioned before, unusual komi).

Per se for various reasons (teaching, experiments, friendship, relaxing and more) unranked games have to exist.

Finally professional player have a rank (p instead of d) which is from their association and which is not affected by its results online. Some still do participate aside (d ranking) in the server rating (and ranking).

  • about unranked games:

Sorry but I don’t see that much noises about them. ranked games offers are quicker to be accepted because it’s the usual way and because it gives a bit of security to get a fair match. I offer mostly unranked and still get quick and satisfying answers.

  • about ranked games

That’s the same on all the go servers (when it’s possible to debate on this)
The rating is at the heart, the most sacred thing proeminent on anything else.

When a sandbagger is reprimanded, the reason is that the rating is disturbed, the fact of some latent sadism being put aside.

Because the rating has to be the most perfect possible and because (on OGS) there were some belief that we have all to start at 6k, beginners have to submit to not be able to play with some of their friends and to be crushed by others for a while.

I won’t go further on KGS and its (brave) originality in their escaping policy. But note how difficult to enter there with your [?], rating, rating…

As a matter of fact most research or complains are linked to the rating and the players who don’t respect it like one of the go divinities are prone to the harshest sanctions like a quick exclusion.

Now OGS stay quite in a nice stance compared to other places notably by recognizing a wide range of games to be ratable, and with a wide preference to no handicap games by his users.

Sometimes(rarely) I don’t find ranked game fast and play unranked. There is no difference.

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That may be linked to when you play? Paradoxally, i find less unranked answers when there are many ranked offers