What is visibility of "Bulletin" pane and does it trigger notifications?

I’m sure this is a silly question, but could someone explain to me how the “Bulletin” pane of a Group functions?

I can see that for a closed group, the main group header and the short description are both visible outside of the group.

I can also see that the news items are not visible outside the group; and that they trigger e-mail notifications to group members (unless they have been switched off in the user’s settings).

But what about the “Bulletin”? Is it visible only to members or to others as well? Does it trigger any notifications? I am sure this must be in the documentation but I failed to find it, sorry!



I believe the bulletin is visible to anyone who visits the group (even if the group is otherwise private) and should trigger no notifications.

It is quite possible, this is not in the documentation anywhere, we don’t always manage to keep up with all the developement, sorry. I’ll have a look and edit it when I find a minute.


Thanks Adam, that’s really helpful (and I don’t think it is necessary or possible for the documentation to be perfect!). I was kind of hoping there was somewhere to put a message that wasn’t visible outside the group and wasn’t a news item but if the group header and the bulletin are both visible outside then I guess there isn’t?