What is your Go style?

So I’m a big fan of this website that analyzes your go games, tries to guess your play style and gives you some tips.


I would be very interested to see other peoples results and whether they think they actually match your style or not.

Here is mine.

Seems about right, maybe not the rank :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems about right.

One can try also: http://style.baduk.org/style/index.php

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[quote]Your style is very influence-oriented

Takemiya sensei is your favorite master.
You has lot of his books at home and you try to follow his ideas in your own games.
Takemiya is not a young player anymore. He cannot keep the high winning percentage or challenge for big titles. His playing style is still impressive, but it’s getting less and less popular.
Try to help him! Show the people, that the influence-oriented ideas are always alive and prove them in real games![/quote]

I can’t remember when I played my last game on KGS :grimacing: so …

Your style is influence-oriented

I bet you enjoy your games, but it’s hard to keep high winning percentage by playing for moyos only.
You may know that it’s easier to save the groups, than to attack and kill them.
Try to pay more attention on getting territory. Study games, played by Kobayashi Koichi, Yu Bin, Lee Changho, Paek Yeonghun and follow their ideas.

You don’t need KGS for the first one, just upload a bunch of sgf’s from ogs.

I just threw this together for downloading your latest finished games from OGS.

The source is up on the Github repo. https://github.com/EReeves/OGSGFGet/

It does take a little while to download games, especially if you want a lot of them.


Thank you Rvyz :heart:

Thanks, @Rvzy!

Perhaps it should be noted that this is a Windows application. Users of OS X and Linux may try to use it with some flavour of Wine or the virtualization of their choice.

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I ported it to both although mac is untested.

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Thank you, @Rvzy _/\_ I will try that.

Interesting … now I did it twice, once with KGS (last game there played over a year ago, maybe even two years):

I think I was “13k?” when I last used to be there regularly.

And then I submitted my last 200 OGS games:

Funny, given that I currently am around 12k here.

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This link is 404 nowdays, does anyone has anything similiar way to get ogs game history zipped?



You can download the program directly here: https://github.com/EReeves/OGSGFGet/releases

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Where is the directory it saves to? Can’t find it. I also can’t find the instructions in Github. So complicated gah.

Just download the .zip file, it contains an executable.

Properly your download folder, but result may very.

I just did a shorter extraction. Apparently my previous extraction crashed so it never went there.

Surprise by the estimation of strength, KGS seems to have inflated ranks compared to OGS. I’d be happy to be around 4k to 9k (range of estimation). Considering how my low score toward calm and safe, it says one of my bad things I need to improve is understanding the concept of sente and gote.

The KGS equivalent of strength of the player: 6k ± 2.63

The following image shows the strength (red line) with 68% confidence interval (blue line). The confidence is accurate only when the sample is large enough.
Strength: 6k ± 2.63

Territoriality Moyo Territoriality: 5.132175922393799 ± 1.43 Territory
Novelty Classic Novelty: 4.713472366333008 ± 1.63 Novel
Aggresivity Calm Aggresivity: 3.496255874633789 ± 1.42 Fighting
Thickness Safe Thickness: 3.627715587615967 ± 1.48 Shinogi

Seems about right, especially since my AGA rank is about that.