What kind of go materials is needed by western community

Hello everyone! I’m about to translate some articles and would like to know what kind of article is wanted by this community.

There are 3 types of article in the stack now and I was wondering which is more needed.
The first type is commentated latest tournaments, a professional player, some time one of the player will commentate on a recent tournament. This is the most popular type of article in China but partly because of many Chinese player is in those tournament.
The second type is new view on old games, where a commentator looks inside a old game with the help of AI to get new ideas from old games.
A third type of articles is teaching articles, inside of commentating on a game, the commentator will find a series of games where players are facing the same problem, and teaches some tactics to deal with the facing problems.

Or if there’re any other topics you guy interested in (like go gossips which strangely came into fashion for the last few month as a famous go player decided to became a (Chinese equivalent of) youtuber and attract many fans from non go-playing community), you can leave a massage and I shall see if there is something I can dig out.

— more information on 3 articles in the stack ----

  1. Commented game in recent tournaments: Li He (李赫) commentating her semi final and final games in Hangzhou Asian Games
  2. New views on old games: The art of attack: Ke jie(柯洁) v. Lee Sedol(李世乭 )
    Thank you jlt for making the poll, and to make your decision easier, I shall give 3 example.
  3. teaching article: On how to limit your opponent’s influence: take advantage of the corner area by Hu yaoyu

You can make a poll.

What do you prefer?
  • Commented games in recent tournaments
  • New views on old games
  • Teaching articles
  • No preference, I’m interested in all kinds of articles
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