What kind of teaching game are you looking for?

What kind of teaching game are you looking for?

There are a lot of requests for teaching games on this forum.
It is however seldom that a requesting player states what s/he is looking for.
Usually it states: "Hello, I am looking for a teaching game.”
That is rather vague. It would help if the requestor could be a little more specific?Let me help you be more specific.

  1. What do you want to learn?
    Invading, consolidating a position, whole board strategy, joseki, middle game or endgame, ko (threats), connecting groups, capturing races, lack of liberties, etc.

  2. In what form do you want feedback?
    Chatting a lot or factual, telling or questioning, with variations in analyse mode or without, etc.

  3. When do you want feedback?
    During the game or afterwards?

  4. What type of game?
    Blitz, normal, correspondence. Blitz doesn’t seem practical to me, but it is possible in an afterward feedback mode. Correspondence seems the best form for a teaching game.

  5. What board size?
    Small (9 x 9), medium (13 x 13) or large (19 x 19).
    The bigger the board, the more complex it becomes. Small boards are better suited for fighting, big boards are better suited for feedback on over all strategy. Beginning DDK players (double digit kyu) better stick to small and medium sized boards.

Conclusion: there is no such thing as THE teaching game. There are endless varieties. The more specific you can state what kind of teaching game you are interested in, the more specific feedback can be given.
It goes without saying that feedback in a teaching game should be constructive and respectful.


Usually the student doesn’t know what they need to do/study, so a generic request is fine. It’s up to the teacher to identify the needs of the student and make recommendations.


Even if that is true (which I doubt), it is good for the student to think about what the goal of a teaching game is. Just five minutes ago I started a teaching game with a student who could fairly accurate describe what he needed.


In the game lobby, I’ve seen an icon that indicates unusual komi; perhaps an analogue for teaching game is helpful.

Hovering over the icon might show if the person wants:

  • discussion during game
  • live review after game
  • review to be posted later

with option to choose multiples (= either is ok).