What means the statistics icons on profile?

Please, somebody can give to us a good explanation about what each icon and the graph means?
Many players don’t know how to read the statistics like me.
Thank you very much!!!

the circle (green) is overall rank,
the flash (red) is blitz rank,
the clock (yellow) is live rank,
the turtle (blue) is correspondence rank.
(those are different game speeds, except overall)

the x-axis is time and the y-axis is rating points. You can zoom by mousewheel scrolling and drag by clicking. Hover over the graph to see the games, which gave/took your points.


What do the numbers in bar mean? For example, 265 in the green bar and -333 in the red bar. If anybody knows, I would appreciate an answer.

hi @ChrisPhillips try not to revive really old topics. The number in the bar is your rating for that speed.