What rank for new players?

Hello everyone,
I am teaching a friend how to play go right now, and since the new ranking system just came in, I need to know how to get him adjusted to this. He just started playing go, only played about 5 games so far, so he should be rated around 25k. But I am pretty sure that the new ranking system has everyone start at 13k, correct? So what should I do about that? I don’t have a lot of time to teach him, so I don’t want to waste that time playing games to lower his rank. Is there any way to avoid this?

New users start as ?. Their ranking confidence is very low so that their rank will change very quickly. If they are really 25k, then they should play games against other 25k and their rank will move into place quickly.


Okay, thanks for the reply, I was away for vacation while the ranking system updated, so I was a little confused when I got back.

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