What scoring rule applies to this 9x9 game?

I played the following game recently (Japanese rules):

The stones at J5 and E1 both were removed at the end of the game. Their empty spots counted as territory for the side that did not have the stone removed, but the empty points adjacent to these stones (J4 and D1) did not count as territory for anyone.

I was wondering what scoring rules explains this behaviour?

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game not completed, pass was incorrect

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Oh that makes sense, thank you

game can still be considered finish. In cases like this, scoring engine doesn’t count the blue squares as territory (and I think in the japanese rules too) and doesn’t consider the possible capture, just assume it will be connected. It’s ok in this position because both failures to take cancel each other, so if players did see it, it can be kind of agreement that there is no value to play more. (Both can connect or both can capture)

Interesting is that here, taking the last neutral point in the center will give black one more point in chinese rule because then white can fix one of the kos, but can’t win the second one due to a lack of ko threats. Under AGA rules, the passing stone due by white the time black connect the ko will make the score similar to the chinese rules. (I put the variation)

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