What to do when accused of sandbagging?

Hi everyone, so I’ve just been accused of being sandbaggin today!

Please see game: https://online-go.com/game/21517357

I won the game, and around the end my opponent started with “I knew I shouldn’t have played you…” I’ve been playing Go for almost 15 years now, on and off, never taking it super seriously but for fun. For instance I’ve only played 170 game in the last two and a half years, is that a lot? I don’t know, I just play for fun. And I’m still on the single digit kyu level, reaching 2k at my very best playing in this server correspondance games (when I can think and analyse the game for days!). I’ve only very recently started to play almost daily live games, and found it to be much harder for me but practice makes perfect.

Anyway, what to do? How do you react against people like this, who blame others when they fail instead of learning from their mistakes? I’m sure we’ve all have games that went terribly, I sure do. But I don’t blame my opponent, I try and learn from it.

By the way on a side note, this person is a site supporter and I noticed that the AI review also allows me (who I’m not) to review the game fully. Maybe this shouldn’t be the case?

Thank you.

Completely personal opinion, but I do not think there is a good reaction… We all deal with losses our own way, and there is no magic argument to convince people otherwise. So I guess for me personally just something along the lines “I am not, lose plenty games myself, I got lucky this time, you might have the upper hand in some next game.” And/or just move on… What more is there to say, don’t let it get to you, or maybe even take it as a compliment :slight_smile:

This is intentional. We already have the data, it is no extra strain on the servers, so we (well anoek mostly :wink:) figured it is only nice and fair (and potentially helpful) to show the review to both when we already have it.


Smile and have a drink to celebrate that you played well. On some days we play like total dumbass. Rank down. Then dominate the lower ranked games until get ranked up again. Maybe get ranked too high and have some rather hopeless games. This is just how the ranking normally works.

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Once in a tournament an opponent mentioned to me that there were ‘too many sandbaggers’ in the tournament. No idea if they meant me as well. If I recall correctly that player scored 7 points out of 9 in that tournament group (seeded by ranking, so all had similar ranks) in the end. “I didn’t score 9 out of 9, so clearly you all must be sandbaggers!” :roll_eyes:

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Even if someone endures me as an opponent just to have access to AI for our game, I’m not even mad. :woman_shrugging:
I find it very nice and I support the notion, actually I’d oppose a change.

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If you’re not sandbagging…

Then you don’t have to do anything. It’s the same as anytime someone you don’t know wants to be angry… It has little to do with you and there is little for you to do about it.

Thats their issue to deal with, I’d suggest playing your next game or have dinner or enjoy a glass of wine or whatever.


That person did the same with me and I was just happy to be called a sandbagger. I guess he is going around calling every other newbie a bagger. I feel cheated.


As a site supporter I’ve always liked this aspect of the review system. It feels like a small gift to my opponent after the game.


There are bot accounts with much wilder variations in rank. eg. https://online-go.com/player/633047 while there is no mention of the bot having it’s parameters adjusted. Bots play lots of games so things should average out but they don’t. Do bots get headaches?


Reporting suspected sandbagger (joking)

FTR: The peak was a combination of taking a title tournament super-seriously (Analysis, Opening explorers, kifu book and exploring opponents game history) and a dose of timely luck. I don’t recall the reason for the slump but it was probably just playing live games when too tired and not knowing when to stop.



Your very nickname answers your question.


Thank you all for your kind words. I guess I did get it to me, I thought I was playing really well and even during the game I could identify weak spots and took advantage of that fact. I’ve just blocked this person from accepting any more of my games and I’ll just move on, such as life.

Very true, unfortunately I don’t get so much time these days to preach that. I like to relax for a few minutes a day and play a little Go, read a book or something but even then sometimes is not enough. Seems like every day there are fewer places to just have fun playing a harmless game.

Thank you all again, I’ll take your advise and accept it as a compliment. Let’s see if I can make the 2k jealous next time :slight_smile:


It was! :wink:

I understand you. People get easily offended these days.

Keep your cool, walk away and find those who just want to have fun to follow you in your journey.

We do exist. :grin: