What topic categories should we add/remove/change?

Hello DrK,

matburt, who replied to you, is one of the two developers, anoek is the other. These both also created nova.gs with which OGS was merged in October 2013, see Changelog; the design we see on :yin_yang:GS now is all from nova.

I like your idea, I’d also like to learn more about these two, who, when one sees them in the chatrooms, always are friendly and helpful; About their motivation, about how they expect to be able to pay for it when it grows and needs more server power, etc. (and why there is no PayPal button ;-)); I believe it’s always a good idea to make people visible as humans, to de-virtualize them (i.e. ourselves) somewhat, so that they (we) are not just black Unicode characters on white background …

And here’s a post listing the current staff members.

Looking forward to read your interviews :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom