What's a Ladder Game?

I know what Ladders are in Go but I don’t get what these Ladder games in the OGS website are.

Can someone please explain what they are there for? Are they some kind of leaderboard system?:confounded:

Ladder games are challenges sent for ladders on OGS. There are three main ones, and groups can set up their own. A ladder game is a challenge that is automatically accepted, and if the lower-placed player (the challenger) wins, they advance in front of their opponent. If the higher-placed player wins, then they have defended their position on the ladder and both players stay where they were.


Ahhh i see, thats pretty cool! Thank you for the response!

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There’s some more information on how the OGS ladder works in this doc. It may not be up to date, but most of the details seem to match the way it works.

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Thank you for sharing that link :slight_smile: