What's happening with Fuego?

Something seems odd with the Fuego bot right now (https://online-go.com/player/58542/). It’s jumped from 4k to around 6d (despite the fact that it generally seems to play worse than I’d expect for a 4k?) In addition, it’s been timing out of a lot of games. I’d been playing it for casual practice, since it seems a bit stronger than Kutsugu, but last time I tried to start a game it never made a move.

Does anyone know what’s up with it? Why did its rating suddenly jump so high, and why is it timing out? It almost seems like it’s being flooded with game requests from people that are losing, or something, and it’s bogged down but winning those games and climbing the ranks, somehow. Anyways, seems fishy.

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I haven’t played Fuego, but there seems to be a similar problem with MasterMantis. It’s rated 14k right now but I’d say its moves are 20k at best. https://online-go.com/game/11378533

It seems that someone had found a loophole and abuses the service by sending game requests repeatedly. It’s an interesting exercise to the new rating system. I suppose those games should have been annulled rather than resign on behalf of the bot.

I guess there are standard means of protecting the service - captchas, cloud flares and all that stuff. It’s just a matter of getting on top of anoek’s priority list :wink: I kinda like this variant the most, as it ads a little extra income to the service :wink: https://coinhive.com/#captcha

Seems like there’s something else wrong with the bot. It doesn’t appear to have made any moves in the past few days.

From what I can tell, it looks like maybe the rating increase is from people resigning games after making a single move as black? As white, Fuego never moves, and players can cancel the game, but black has to resign after they’ve made a move. For rated games, this could boost Fuego’s rating substantially. This looks like it started on the 15th, when a few people timed out against Fuego without making a move, and sinc ethen Fuego’s been timing out of almost every game it’s played.

Maybe this highlights a flaw in the software: games where one player hasn’t moved should be annulled. This could be abused by human players, as well.


Hmm…your observation that several people never made a move against Fuego just before this behavior began suggests the amusing idea that Fuego learned this trick from humans and is now using it as payback while ranking up. :wink: I agree with you that games with just one move should be annulled.