What's the answer of this quiz?

the answer on chat made me confuse.

Since it’s a demo board, which can be edited and have other variations inserted for discussion, I’ll take a screenshot in order to be clear about what I am specifically talking about. I hope this is the same that you wish to ask about:

In the above board, all of the black stones are alive (and not in seki), while the white stones at B18, B19, A18, S19, T18, S1, and T2 are all dead and would be removed at the end of the game before counting the score.

Black does not need to play any more stones before passing in order to assert that the white stones are dead during the confirmation phase. Of course, black could go about capturing these white stones before passing, but playing additional stones would reduce black’s score by filling in their own territory, and is unnecessary.

If there is something specific causing confusion, could you please be more specific?


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