What's the approximate level of cosumi 6 * 6?

Hi, everyone!

I’m 27rabbit and completely new to here and new to Go. I found there is a nice website https://www.cosumi.net/ providing AI competing on different sizes of Go board.

I won the 5 * 5 one, but kept losing to 6 * 6 :sob:

I’m wondering what’s the approximate level of cosumi AI? (If above 5k, then it’s seemingly impossible for me to win at this time and I won’t try to beat it until I get deeper into Go ) Is there anyone familiar with this website and its AI?

Thanks in advance!

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Tested and he plays pretty well. Hard to say which level exactly, but he can surely crush a beginner.

Sorry but you would be a very very promising beginner if you could beat a 10k already.

I advise to come and play beginners here (on any board size as long as you find it interesting).
For that i would advise you to forget about rated games (including automatch) and create your custom offer aimed at other beginners.
Happy discovery to you!


I played 2 games but can’t determine its level, maybe around 6 kyu?


I love that site for it’s offering of blind Go: 目隠し碁 - 囲碁ブラウザゲーム COSUMI

5k sounds roughly right to me by OGS standards.


Thanks for the link! So hard lol.

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It does seem decently strong bot, it was able to beat me if i was careless xD

You can test different ogs bots, for example Amaranthus or Agapanthus by sending them direct challenges, or by choosing them on list of AI’s when choosing “Computer” on the Play page. Tho those bots can only play on so-called normal size boards (9x9, 13x13, 19x19)

thx! I will take your advice and play with beginners here~


thanks! It’s surprising to know there are some AI players here lol. Getting more and more familiar with OGS~


thanks for your estimation~

Cosumi has nine levels of increasing strength that you can choose from, which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in this thread. A couple years ago, I played a lot of quick 9x9 games on it, and found the lower levels very easy. At level 4 I had to work a bit harder but still won almost all of my games. However, I never won at level 5, although I came close a few times. Taking into account that I am weaker at 9x9 than at 19x19, I would guess that the 0 level is beginner, 4 is strong DDK, 5 is SDK, and the others go higher after that, probably even into the dan range at the top.

However, I strongly agree with Groin, above, that it is better to play beginner humans on OGS, or ask for a teaching game in the Chat or in the Forums.