What's the best way to share RSGF files?

I recently ran a review of a game with Leela and would like to share the result with my opponent. However, the format for reviewed games through goreviewpartner is RSGF, and I don’t see a way to upload RSGF files to OGS, only SGFs.

What’s the best way to share these? I could email it, of course, but ideally I’d like a way to share them without resorting to that. In particular, I like the SGF library that OGS has, as a way of uploading and sharing games, and was wondering if something similar exists for RSGF.

A RSGF file is a valid SGF file, @ckersch88, so just change its extension to .sgf and you should be able to upload it. It will be hard to review, though, because GRP’s analysis will have resulted in a large game tree with multiple variations for each move.1

I don’t know if/how that could impact OGS’s resources, so you might want to check with the staff before uploading.

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It’s actually pretty hard to create an invalid sgf file, it’s almost like a pdf.

Some invalid property names cause problems when loaded into the OGS SGF library. For example, SGF files exported from IGS contain a “CoPyright” property. This causes subsequent properties in the root node, including player names, to be ignored. Replacing this property name with “CP” fixes the problem.


It’s actually pretty easy to create an invalid SGF file.

There are several pitfalls that many SGF editors have fallen into, for example:

Strictly speaking, I don’t think IGS is introducing a bug here, since you could argue that they are just following an older version of the SGF standard which allows those types of tags. In fact, since they don’t put an FF tag, version 1 should be assumed by default. Hence, the bug lies in the parsing, which is simply not supporting the older versions of the SGF standard.

See this further discussion: