What's the EGC schedule post / during the Ukraine conflict?

AFAIK, after lockdown, which resulted in the lineup being pushed back by two years, the order looked like this:

2022: Romania
2023: Ukraine
2024: France
2025: ???
2026: Finland

Presuming that the Ukraine EGC will be cancelled, what will happen next year?

Will France be pushed forward? Or will another country step in? Or will it simply be cancelled and held online again?

Is it possible that 2022 is cancelled too?

11th march, I dont know if there are more recent updates:

Congress preparations update
First of all, we would like to show our mood. As if Covid was not enough, a shadow of war engulfs our work and raises a serious question mark about the possibility to still organize this congress.
Nevertheless, each blow makes us stronger and we feel that organization of this event has become a must, if only to show humanity’s resilience against hardships.
We need more than ever the unique feeling of friendship and joy that brought the Go community together for so many previous congresses.
So, yes, we are determined to go ahead and organize the most fun congress ever!