What's the strongest program online available?

I think there is many programs available online but whats the strongest one?Here are some of the programs available https://github.com/leela-zero/leela-zero,https://github.com/pytorch/ELF,https://deepleela.com/,https://github.com/Tencent/PhoenixGo and https://pjreddie.com/darknet/darkgo-go-in-darknet/ that’s all the programs available i know.

Add to that list:

I don’t know which is strongest. There’s been a few efforts to test but nothing both comprehensive and up to date, as there is for chess. My feeling is that LeelaZero is strongest, but it’s only a feeling. They’re all very close to each other.

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The problem is that all AI are highly dependent on how long you let them run for. On good hardware they become a lot stronger, so it’s difficult to compare them by their performance on KGS.

I can also imagine that some bots are stronger than others with few playouts, and weaker against the same bots with a lot of playouts.


Thank’s you very much

Available online? In what way? Available to download, available to witness playing, available to learn about? Here are some resources that you might find helpful:

  1. Computer Olympiad (Ultimate Go AI Tournament)
  2. Go Playing Programs (thorough listing)
  3. Computer Go (great discussion of Go AI)
  4. Computer-Go.info (website dedicated to the topic)
  5. Reddit.com/r/cbaduk (GO AI Enthusiast Community)
  6. Computer Go Server (AI vs AI)
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available to challenge online all the strong programs i posted are available to challenge online.

Nice site:

You can also play


Any idea what AI is used?

It would seem they use “Leela Zero and other go engines that run on NVidia GPU servers.”


Thanks for this wonderful idea the go program is very strong ZBADUK.

Another nice online LeelaZero is this one, by Andreas Hauenstein:


Be sure to read the “About” page.



I think it’s been updated now with Fry Bender and Farnsworth. Some more variety in difficulty