What's with the thai accounts?

There’s a lot of them using their real face as a profile pic, they all seem to know each other, and some have a bronze badge in the bottom right corner of the pic. Some usernames start with the same 3 or 4 characters. I just saw a match with 40 spectators and a lot of them fit this description.

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Lots of schools use OGS for go games that are part of a class or club. That is what those accounts probably are. They typically follow a naming code of their own creation.


2023 season of Thai go league!

facebook link


Lots of kids play Go in Thailand. (My wife is Thai and used to be a Go teacher there).


Lots? Really? Some in Bangkok mostly.

It would be interesting if Uberdude’s partner could tell us more about baduk in Thailand.

I was wondering what they call it there. Looks like they like the nipponese word.

Maklom (or Go)


Yes Bangkok is the centre of activity, but there’s still plenty elsewhere. There were about 100 people in a tournament I played in Chiang Mai, pretty much all school children or uni student age. Most were locals, including several 4ds I beat. The 5d I lost to in the final I think was from elsewhere. I also played in Phuket, healthy club there too.


I’m wondering why youth go is so dynamic in Thailand. Is that traditional, or did they do something in recent years that we in the West could get inspiration from?


See Uberdude's Go holiday journal • Life In 19x19
TLDR CEO of Thai 7-11 franchise is a Go fan and supports it.


Well you were better informed as me. I played in Bangkok (small meeting on saturday, like a dozen of players, some quite strong and young) but couldn’t find any place in chang mai (i went multiple times there). Truth is i didn’t check public schools and uni so maybe all is there?