What's your favorite Go book *title*?

I found out about Kage’s Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go recently. Now that’s a great name for a Go book: It’s very evocative. It makes it clear Kageyama knows that studying handicap go is in some sense a dubious use of time, and turns that around in a fun way.

What are other fun, evocative Go book titles? Don’t rate the content… just the title :slight_smile:


“almost sente” by Kamil Budziński

See more at http://almostsente.tumblr.com/, purchase (if still available) at http://almostsente.bigcartel.com/.

Attack and Kill” by Masao Kao

As somebody noted elsewhere, best to be read in public transport for maximum effect :smile:

For some hilarious imaginary/parody Go book titles see http://senseis.xmp.net/?GetStrongAtGoParodies


These are my two favorites :

by the way kiseido has a sale at the moment. I would recommend the whole ‘refining your go technique’ serie…


Learn to Play GO Volume II : Way of the Moving Horse

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