When an opponent never arrives...?

A recent game never happened. I played a stone, but my opponent never arrived:

  • I waited for a few minutes, maybe two minutes - honestly I don’t remember.
  • There was the lightning bolt countdown over my opponent’s name that indicates when it’s waiting for someone to connect. But it was a 5 minute countdown - I didn’t want to wait 5 minutes for no-one to arrive.
  • There was no Cancel Game button; that disappeared after I’d played my stone.

So I resigned. I expected the game to be annulled, as insufficient moves had been played, or at least my opponent hadn’t made any moves. Instead:

  • The game is shown in my game history as won by resignation.
  • I lost a stone in rank from the outcome.

Something seems to be wrong. How is it supposed to work these days?


Yesterday I clicked on the Call Moderator button. I mentioned that the opponent never arrived and requested that the game be annulled. A red-triangle appeared, like this:


But that is gone now. I never received a message. Is that how it’s supposed to happen?


Mod must have deemed it not an issue. But agreed he should have at least explained why no action was taken instead of quietly cancelling the report and perhaps hoping u wouldn’t notice,

There is a 1 move minimum for a game to be counted as ranked since the revamp.
This is bloody messed-up as you experienced first hand. The first player devotes the first move and thus carries all the burden of waiting for the opponent while the opponent is still free to cancel without repercussion.

The system rightfully should be minimum 1 move invested for White ONLY and 2 moves invested for Black to count as ranked.

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it’s policy not to report moderator decisions to complainants.

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I’ve had that happen a few times, both as black and white. I figure the reasons are connected with my opponent having a computer issue, Montezuma’s Revenge, or getting savagely attacked by a wild little tyke screaming “Daddy! Daddy!” or that culture’s equivalent.
When that happens I just sit there and wait. When the time out occurs, the game is listed as cancelled and annulled, and no harm is done other than a loss of a few minutes.

Impatience will kill you every time. Just let it time out and no harm will be done.



I was under the impression that a game nowadays required two moves to be ranked. One move is just absurd.

Personally I think four moves would be good, as there are some players who play deliberately bad opening moves and aim to waste one’s time (eg. playing their first move on the second line halfway down the side).


I second what @bugcat said about two moves being required for a game to be ranked (otherwise white would never have a chance to cancel). I distinctly remember that being said when the change was made. This situation seems like a bug.

The game is active after first stone is placed, and button changes from ‘Cancel’ to ‘Resign’.

To clarify, what I remember is that a game resigned with just one move on the board would be annulled.

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You forget that people play on the go as well. To have to leave the phone browser on that tab for the next 5 mins that u intended to devote to leisure but has turned into torture that wastes your time is unacceptable. You can’t simply use another tab or browser like on a computer and do something else. His whole phone’s functionality is compromised lest he gives up the game.

@Conrad_Melville That was pre-revamp. Looking at OP’s game history is proof enough if your memory needs convincing.

Yeah, you’re right.


The original Glicko-2 announcement (OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!) said this:

“Games will no longer be annulled after both players have made a move. This is a change from our previous behavior where cancellation and annulment would take place if the game ended prior to move 19 in a 19x19 game.”

In other words, when white has played a move, the game is good and can’t be annulled. When black plays the first move, black is agreeing to the game, and therefore cannot cancel it, which is why the cancel button disappeared (I don’t know this for a fact, I am deducing it from the circumstances). Resignation under the circumstance Farraway describes used to lead to annulment, but apparently only cancellation does now. Another recent game in Farraway’s history (10840447) did result in annulment after one move, but that was because it was canceled rather than resigned. I must therefore retract my suggestion of a bug; the foregoing description seems to be how it is designed.

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Yes, one of those embarrassing oversights. It’s disappointing and it makes me wary of playing here. I’ll see if I can’t just get over myself and wait it out next time. That said, it’s difficult to escape this conclusion: