When Did I Forget How to Play?

Anyone have a period were you suddenly lacked the ability to play go effetively? I was doing so well and even moved up to 4kyu form 8kyu in the matter of a month after diligent study and practice and then I just started eating it in every game I played. How did you over come this… situation? Any advice will be appreciated because it is stressing me out that I just lost understanding overnight for unseen reasons.


Yes this is very normal, not just in go but in everything. Improvement is not linear. You’ll often find that you improve in steps and jumps as you internalise improvements you’ve been trying to make, then stagnate or even get worse for a while while you make new adjustments that are not yet so successful.

You may not consciously realise it but if you’ve gone from 8kyu to 4kyu in a month (God job by the way!) you’ll be seeing the game differently and adjusting the way you play. Just relax and give yourself time to adapt.