When does the weekend start?

Exactly when do weekends start and end, given that players can be in different time zones?

Does the server use GMT, one of the players’ time zones, or something else?

Is it possible for each player’s clock to pause at a different time than the other?

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Iirc it’s MST (UTC-7). So 7am GMT. Something like that. Definitely between EST (UTC-5) and MST.

But yes, thanks for comfirming that I had a great idea here. ;D

I’m fairly confidant it is EST (UTC -5), because I have seen it in my correspondence games. It applies to all the clocks, I believe. I think the reason is because anoek, the main dev, and his servers are in this time zone.

I haven’t thought about this, but this means for me the weekend starts 2 PM on Saturday. Not a big deal for me as I play a lot of games without weekend breaks and need to check in anyway (or set vacation). I suspect though if you make the server time more visible, people in Asian/Oceanian timezones might start suggesting some changes.


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