When is vacation time reset? Mine didn't reset after the new year

I used mine pretty liberally during the december period expecting it to reset but it didn’t :frowning:

Afaik it replenishes over time, no resets. But its also my first new year here. Maybe someone else can confirm.


@kickaha is right, it replenishes slowly over time while you’re not on vacation mode.


YUP: IIRC the rate is 1/8 for normal users and 1/4 for site supporters, so it should increase by 3 hours every day you’r not on vacation (or 6 hours if you’re a supporter ^^)


I see. Thank you for the replies everyone!

What IS vacation? I don’t see an explanation anywhere in the site.


Basically just for correspondence games/ladder, it pauses your games so that you can take some time away from the site, but unlike regular pause, your opponents can’t cancel it.


Thank you…

I also don’t see “vacation time” anywhere. I see a pause button. Is that what everyone means? Or is there also a vacation mode as on DGS?

It’s in your profile page

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For me its not really on the profile page, but rather on the settings page. You can reach it by clicking the link next to your name on your profile page (which is what @pempu meant) or through the register that pops down when clicking the OGS symbol in the top left of the site.


Correct, it’s in settings, not profile.

Thanks, KoBa. Meta-question: is this information available on the site? Should I expect it to be available on the site?

In general, I am a big fan of OGS, but finding information can be hard.