When will OGS reach 1K users online?

Here’s your chance to prognosticate. On what day do you think OGS will first reach 1000 users online?

My guess: Nov. 28th.


I guess whatever day would extrapolated from the data assuming a linear or exponential fit xD


I think only matburt and anoek have that data, unless someone else has been collecting it…

January 17th 2015

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I am willing to bet 23 copper coins it will be on either Stig-Go-Day (12/12) or BECS (Bowie-Elvis-Carroll-Sighris) day (1/8)… because that would make my day. :slight_smile:

January 1st 2015

I have no special date I’d bet on, but I bet it will be the next BIG (live) event on :yin_yang:GS, whatever that may be :slight_smile:

Could we get weekly (daily?) updates on max online user number and number of registered users? :smiley:

We do have a huge amount of data/stats that we collect about OGS… it’s just a matter of boiling it down and drawing some pretty graphs for it.

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Perhaps @thouis could tweak his OGS stats page?

I think we’d rather host the stats under the domain on a real page, to be honest. Though his page is handy for show how he dug into the stats.

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I can understand that, @matburt … and knowing that @thouis is on board now, I put high hopes on such a page :smiley:

Since we’re all 4.2y now, I want to place my bet on 2014-12-27.

(Also discourse warned me about digging up a dead thread, I’m amazed!)


Steeper climb started mid 2014 (and kept going).

Do we have an official answer to this question? :stuck_out_tongue:

It has been over 1K for a long time, at least according to the number of users listed in the Chat list. Currently, per that list, there are 1,220 online at this moment.

Yes but the discussion was focused around when it would first reach 1,000 online users :stuck_out_tongue: I’m wondering whether the admins have that sort of meta-data available to say the exact second that the 1,000th active user signed on :slight_smile:

The day of first alpha-LSD match. I remember how our chat exploded after that game.

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