When your opponent plays in the middle

Having spent lots of my time playing go playing against an ai that never plays in the middle for the first move, and all the people have played against on this website seem to do just that, and I haven’t got a clue how to react. Wherever I play on the board my opponent has a larger half.

I see from your game history that you’re primarily talking about 9x9 games. Starting with tengen is apparently the most common way for black to start a 9x9 game, as it is 5 spaces away from all edges, and can therefore have a relationship, albeit a loose one, with all edges of the board.

I’d suggest looking at some of the top players’ games from the 9x9 ladder. This game, for example, starts with black playing tengen, but white is still able to win. Important here is that white doesn’t need as much territory because of komi: all white really needs to do is to live and reduce black.

If you are struggling, it is likely because you are struggling to live, rather than to compete more generally.

If i can relay what i wrote in Center Opening on 9x9

Basically, i like to open at 5-5 or 5-4 points as black because that usually leads into fight, and i really like to turn 9x9 board as black to prevent white getting easy win with komi. It’s an agressive fighting style ^^

You may want to check out
Xhu98’s Youtube series “Crazy Nines with Mark5000”. Very instructive, short and clear :slight_smile:

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This may also be of interest:

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