When you're bad at GO

its true though im very bad at go

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If you are just discovering the game, it’s completely normal. We all were bad.

If you like to play it even if you are bad now, keep hope and play a lot.

There will be a time when you will go out of the cloud



so you walk in here boldly saying your bad. Why? do you want us to point and laugh? Hehe, anyways welcome.


Greetings asta

Let me throw a different metaphor at you, and maybe that will help you make sense of what you’re going through.

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to learn KUNG FU. Just down the street there is a massive kung fu dojo, where hundreds (or thousands!) of other kung fu students gather every day to practice and learn from one another.

When you walk in that dojo on your first day - it’s probably going to feel pretty intimidating. You know next to nothing! And here are all these other students, with various colors of belts indicating their rank and experience, all practicing stuff that looks simple from the outside, but the closer you look - the more confusing and complicated it starts to seem. When you try to spar with the lowest levels of students, you find yourself making mistakes you didn’t even know were mistakes. When you spar with higher ranked students, they beat you and you don’t even understand what happened. How are you supposed to learn from any of this?

Though it might seem like everything is against you - you have two very important things going for you:

  1. you have a willingness and desire to learn
  2. you have a whole community of people who have all gone through the same discouraging steps, and have their own hints and tips for how to get through them.

Eventually, you realize that there are all kinds of resources to help beginners - that rather than having to learn everything all at once, you can level up at a natural pace by figuring out the fundamental techniques that all beginners have to learn, and then slowly add more complex techniques as you progress. You spar and practice with other students at your level until you get your first rank-upgrade belt, and then you learn new skills to advance towards a new one.

Soon enough, you realize that no one expects you to go from a basic amateur to a blackbelt master in a short time. Everyone is experiencing the same struggles with ranking up to the next level - whatever their level may be - and feel a fundamental respect towards others who are facing that same struggle. Though we may do our best to compete when we spar against each other - we are more than happy to help in between bouts, so we can both learn how to do better next time.

After some time - the idea that you’re bad at kung fu no longer seems to matter. Everyone is bad when they start - but with learning and experience - everyone slowly progresses up that long staircase of skills and experience one level at a time. Once you figure out where you are on that staircase, and you have a pretty good idea of what you need to conquer the next step, then you can focus your attention on that, and feel good when you attain your goal. Then it’s on to the next goal, and the next.

If you’d like some help with wrapping your head around the basics, I suggest reading through the first few articles in the 19x19 FOR BEGINNERS series I’ve been working on. Yes, it’s long, and there are a lot of examples to understand, but hopefully getting a sense of the fundamentals will help you feel less lost when you’re playing and help you progress to the next steps.

Introduction: Making Sense of Go

1. Sente and Gote

2. Settling your Stones

Good luck!


I misread this as Making Sente of Go.

…okay, I’ll see myself out


This post would be great for another topic: You know you are a go addict when …

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alternatively, bring a different fighting style

------loredude, the guy who doesnt do karate

(or a knife)

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IMHO: bringing a knife to a kung fu dojo


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You wouldn’t bring karate to a gun fight!


Did you just start with it? if so, the. I think that it is really reasonable that you are not that good with it. none of us started by being great. To be honest.

No worry. I walked maybe a bit earlier as others when I was a toddler, but that didn’t bring me any advantage later.


dont feel bad i am 20kyu and wow 1 out of 12 games and the only reson i wow was because they didnt know what they were doing it was basicly a toddler fight