Whenever I try to create a game I get an 'error occured' message

Any idea why and how to remedy this issue?

Just “error occured”? no more detials?

There were some similar reports lately, where deleting cache and cookies (or first trying in incognito mode before going to all that trouble) helped.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. clear cookies (if already don’t work)
  2. create ranked 19x19 game with rank restriction
  3. cancel
  4. create unranked 19x19 game with rank restriction
  5. cancel
  6. create ranked 19x19 game with rank restriction
  7. see error message

I tried clearing the cookies and am still getting the message. Just ‘an error has occured’ with no other explanation :c

Every time you clear cookies, you need to log out and log back in, otherwise you’ll get errors. I recommend clearing your cookies at the end of a session rather than the start.

I did log out and in, clearing my cookies actually forcibly logged me off

Oh wait it’s working in incognito mode!! Thanks for the feedback guys!