Where are all my friends?

I hate playing annonymous people and exchanging nothing more than “hi gg” and “thx gg” Yet I rarely have the chance to play in real life. :frowning: If I am to spend over 30 minutes with someone I like to know who I am playing with and if the person is in a similar mindset and not just clicking moves to kill time. (That’s not to say that having other ideas and opinions about playing is wrong, this is just how I like it.)

That’s why I made several friends on OGS and opted to play them whenever possible. However none of them seem to appear online anymore :smiley: (hope it’s not because of me). So, if you would also prefer playing with a “friend” and do not mind exchanging several lines of chat during games, please consider adding me to your friendlist.

I like longer (but live only) games. I don’t mind playing weaker players and doing reviews afterwards (if I have the time). I don’t mind playing stronger players and getting destroyed. Sometimes I make stupid jokes, but I am working on minimazing it. :stuck_out_tongue: If I see no chance of winning I resign. I am GMT +1.


It doesn’t matter if people are anonymous… Just start chatting anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

If I feel like talking, I’ll usually find something to comment on early in the game let things flow from there.

Sometimes people don’t respond (there are lots of non-english speakers after all…), but it often leads to fun conversations with random people.


Online I play only correspondence games, and these sometimes allow for long conversations where we learn a lot about each other … I can say I have found people online whom I call “friends” … connected on other networks, too … some visited … really nice to see how the world grows smaller this way … heart-warming and mind-expanding :slight_smile:

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I usually play correspondance games here and live games IRL. I find it easier to “take time” when it’s “for real” :slight_smile: But it doesn’t mean I don’t or never will, so I’ll be glad to invite you next time that I can play a live game.
My time zone is also GMT+1.


Looking at my early games, the 2x kyus I played often don’t play anymore. I think the attrition rate is likely to be high at low skill levels because of the depth of the game. So if you make a 20k friend and then get to 10k, odds are good they stopped playing a year ago at 20k.

On the other hand, in the 13k and up range I have had a lot of rematches just from arbitrarily joining or offering games, not from making friends or issuing challenges. So I think if you befriend people at higher ranks they are unlikely to disappear.