Where are all the DDK players?

Hello, the last month it’s been extremely difficult for me to find players at my rank or beyond to play with. I’m 14Kyu and have tried every possible setting in order to play with equal or weaker players. Only about once per day it happens to find someone at this rank level.
Have you noticed anything similar?

I create custom games with restriction like 14k-5k and never see problem. You can also create unranked 24k-10k

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What kind of games are you looking for? Live? Correspondence? Ranked? Unranked? 19x19? Other board sizes?

did you try to use restriction?
automatch also has it in settings

Also wondering what kind of games you are trying to create. I’m a higher rank but find that “custom game” gets me matches more quickly than anything, probably since anyone clicking “Play” will see the offer advertised. In fact, I just checked out that page, saw a 14k offering a live 19x19 game, and he paired with a 15k in less than a minute.

The automatic sitewide tournaments (go here and click “Schedule” **) are another great way to get quick matches with people at various random ranks. It’s usually only a few players, but you can check out who’s in the tournament ahead of time and decide at the last minute whether you want to join.

For correspondence, you could join a ladder. You’ll have a huge selection of people to challenge, and they can’t turn you down.

** Then show up on the site less than 30min before the tournament, reload the page if on mobile, click the trophy icon at the top to find it, make sure to be online when it starts, reload the tournament page and click around if you don't get a notification...

Oh i just now saw the “restrict rank” option in the custom game!! I was trying to restrict from the “automatch settings” option and it didn’t work. I’m playing 15 min + 5x30 Byoyomi, which i think is considered blitz.
Well, i’ll try the “restrict rank” option and see if it works.

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You lost recently a bunch of games and your ranking dropped down a bit. It’s possible that players cancel your offers regarding this.

and that’s why SDK accepted your games

After 2 stones are on the board, game can’t be canceled. Your rank may become incorrect and others may start to think you are sandbagger. Don’t do it.

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Nope. That is normal live setting.
Blitz is something like 10 seconds per move

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Thanks everyone for the responses! The “restrict rank” did the trick :slightly_smiling_face: