Where Are Moderators?

Does anyone know where the moderator are nowadays? In the past week, I have encountered two games in which my opponent deliberately stalled and said rude words. This made me offended and wasted a lot of time. I called the moderator but nobody have responded for several days. I believe the same scenario where moderators never respond has happened several months ago. Could anyone suggest what happened and what I should do in this case. It seems to me that my only options were either waiting or resigning.


Sorry it seems like most of the mod team have been away this week and reports been piling up :<

But hey hopefully we’ll be here more in the upcoming days, i handled your reports and messaged you on the main site!


Thank you for your kind help!



I feel a somewhat strong sympathy for the good moderators. It is a hard thing to balance, and we need to remember that they have lives too and they aren’t our slaves. They work hard, and there are lots and lots of requests for them.

Aspire to be patient.