Where can i find a good roll up board?

hi. does anyone know where i can buy a good roll up board set online? thanks.

I live in Canada so anywhere in North America is good.

You might wanna give a hint where in the world you live. Makes it a lot easier and cheaper for you.


Its hard to give any advice for a retailer, when we dont know where you live…:wink:.

I own a leatherette roll-up board that cost 10€ plus shipping. If this is your only order, then the shipping might be more expensive than the shopping…
Quality wise it is good. It has proven to be quite robust and pleasent to play on. I would recommend it over a foil or plastic board you might be abe to find cheaper. But those are a real bother, because the edges curl heavily once you ve actually rolled them up and they can even break.


this is where i bought mine. its in germany.

sorry…lol. i’m in North America.

Here is a list of shops for north america:

Yellow Mountain Imports makes a good magnetic, roll up, travel board.

And on Amazon:

The only drawback is the board and stones are smaller than the standard size. If that does not bother you, I would recommend it. It is well made, sturdy, and self contained (great for portability).

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(1) sheet of good paper (2) ruler (3) black pen (4) colored pencils, 2 distinguishable colors (5) an eraser.