Where can I find Game History?

I can’t find it anymore after the upgrade, I believe. It used to be in the drop down menu.


Your game history is in the same spot it has always been, in your profile. If you’re talking about the server library which showed all the games played, that has been removed. For what reason I do not know, but I’m sure it will be brought back eventually(I don’t know that for a fact).

thank you.

Before the update there was also separate “Game history” item in the main menu that was opening the list of your completed games. I guess the devs have judged it superfluous. Although I can’t imagine that scrolling through active games before getting to the history is very convenient for those of us who have 200+ active games…

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I don’t like it much. If I want to review one past game, I have to wait for all active games miniatures to load… before acessing finally accessing to a list of past games from where I might want to pick only one game I’m interested in… Phew…




Devs said (although I can not find where) the server library (esp. the search pattern function) was putting a strain on resources, they may add it back after some efficiency measures.

It’s much faster, when you use the option to show only list of games, not miniatures, but if you prefer miniatures, then actually it is as is.


I can’t navigate through my games history. I only can see the last 50 games i played and not the others before. Moreover, the search by username does not work :confused:

Lower left corner of your match history there is a next page button, the player search function works fine for me are you sure you inputted their name right? @Mitsunari.

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