Where can I see the prisoner count of a game in the new interface?

Sorry for the silly question. In a game, where do I see how many prisoners each players has?

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Until it’s fixed: hold your phone horizontally to see your opponent’s name, captures, etc


Awesome, thank you!

Doesn’t work for me.


Excellent !

I hadn’t seen that feature and yes the screen rotation worked for me.

Nice tip.


Hi @AndyNg
It seems you’re opening the site directly in the browser. It looks much better if you add it to your home screen.
(Click the three dots in the upper right --> add to home screen)
Then it opens without the address bar.
Why your phone seems to force the portrait layout I have no idea. But it seems like an update was updated today to improve the mobile layout. So make sure to reload the page

Edit: just FYI, I opened an issue here

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The issue has been solved! This is how it looks for me now:

Five days from reporting the issue to solved and deployed is awesome :slight_smile: :clap: