Where did I go wrong?

I can’t understand the AI recommended moves. Maybe there are more obvious moves I could have played. Or maybe someone can explain the AI moves without requiring deep reading. Or maybe this level of invasion is just too advanced for me to hope to master.

which invasion?

If you don’t want your opponent to make a huge moyo, don’t give him a big wall and play like this:

Capture d'écran 2023-09-10 224605

Once the moyo is almost closed, you can consider to reduce it by playing at the border:

Capture d'écran 2023-09-10 224815


It was actually OK to let black get that huge centre, so long as you kept your huge corners and sides. So you went wrong whsn you let black destroy them with no compensation (such as breaking into his centre in exchange).


the recommended move at 55

That’s a fancy move well beyond your comprehension so not worth trying to learn. But you should learn and understand why the moves you played instead, and other times it was recommended when you had sente were bad: it was an unnecessary slow move. Ditto c17 and d14. These moves were basically passes, so you don’t need to play a 100% move as amazing as h13 instead, but at least try to get something better than nothing.

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Can you recommend alternative moves? I couldn’t see anywhere that would gain me anything, so I was basically doing end game passes.

In a situation like this, if playing inside the enemy framework isn’t feasible, I recommend pressing against the borderline between the enemy stones. Since the black stones were loosely arranged, there should be chances to poke at their weaknesses. You can often seal a border profitably in sente, or maybe even disrupt the enemy framework. Any of the marked places seems like a reasonable choice to try and gain some advantage for White, if you ask me.



its not invasion, its slight reduce of black territory

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no kyu is competent enough to deal against such huge moyo in the center
its better to somehow prevent it
I can recommend to try to create it yourself first, before the opponent

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After move 55 you are ahead by 20 points:

White 45+40+16+10+6.5 = 127.5
Black 83+24 = 107

34 moves later, after move 89 you are behind by 42 points:

White 22+31+16+10+7.5 = 86.5
Black 83+30+7+9 = 129
(The AI is a bit less pessimistic than me but I think it comes down to the AI knowing cool reduction moves, and also considering that if Black is so much ahead then Black will play very defensively.)

So in 34 moves you lost 60 points.

Let us look at what happened during these 34 moves:

  • White played 56 at R17, inside your own territory;
  • in reply, Black played move 57 at F5, at the border between White’s and Black’s territories;
  • White played moves 58 and 60 at B4 and A3, on the second and first lines;
  • White played move 62 at C17, inside your own territory;
  • in the sequence from Black 61 to White 74, Black destroyed a large part of your territory on the West side in sente, in exchange for nothing;
  • in the sequence from Black 77 to White 92, Black destroyed a large part of your territory on the North side in sente.

So the conclusion is: try to play moves at the border of White and Black’s territories, rather than moves inside your own territory; and don’t let your opponent destroy your territory for free.

With a move like Black 57 at F5, Black simultaneously reinforces their territory, and increases their territory, and prevents White from increasing their territory.

With a move like White 56 at R17 or White 62 at C17, White reinforces their territory and does nothing else.

So Black caught up a lot of points during these 30 moves.


Maybe that’s the issue. Endgame moves should not be considered passes. They are very important.

A game of go tends to go like this:

  • In the first half of the game, both players outline rough areas that might become their territory later.

  • In the second half of the game, there is a careful negotiation of the exact locations of borders.

Starting at move 56 in your game, Black managed to push the borders to increase Black’s and decrease White’s territories, with result a huge difference in score. While Black was conducting this strong-arm negotiation, White was passively playing so-called “endgame passes”. So White lost a lot.

Do not dismiss endgame!! It is a very important part of the game!


which does’t matter if there is no time to count it during game

if you know that you are ahead, but it may be too hard to defend your territory perfectly
usually it compensates by ability to do something against territory of opponent, but when opponent controls entire center, its not clear what to do for kyu against it. So situation is: its more clear how to attack white than how to attack black. It’s more clear how to defend black that how to defend white. Not surprising black wins.

ArsenLapin1 and Uberdude are right in the sense that you shouldn’t be afraid of your opponent’s big moyo. If he builds a big territory, try to build bigger. The central part looks big but White has four corners, and corners are bigger than they look.

Of course you may not like to play that way. In that case I made some suggestions above, like: don’t give your opponent a big wall and reduce his moyo before it becomes too big.