Where did the AI go?

Was wondering where some of the AI went like Master Mantis?
I’m a noob and came back after a few months to find that all the AI for noobs like me have gone missing. I’d like to be able to play relaxing comfortable games without a timer or human being on my tail sometimes in between things.

Bots are run by users. If any bot goes down, that’s because their administrator (i.e. user who runs them on their machine) shut it down.

If you want to play weak bots, google gnugo or Fuego. There’s plenty of software out there that will let you run gnugo and the strongest setting gives it about 8-12k OGS.


I guess weak is in the eye of the beholder. Gnugo is about equidistant between smurph and Ninniach :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a gap for a bot that plays not randomly but like a mid DDK. Giving practice and examples of corners-sides-centre and play-the-big-move, but being defeated by decent play at that level.

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That’s why I ephasized it’s 8-12k on the strongest setting. On the weakest setting, it’s probably more like 20+ kyu.

Oh - I missed that (obviously). I was assuming we were talking about playing here (where the setting is set :slight_smile: ).

But I can see that is not a right assumption necessarily.

That’s why I said ‘google gnugo’ instead of ‘play GnuGo on OGS’. :smiley:

But you’re right, I might as well include the senseis links to both, updated first reply.

I bow to your superior English skills and acknowledge my deficient reading skills.

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Oh you. Nah it’s true, I compress most of my text to a degree that it becomes easy to overlook important details.


Great trait for a mod :joy:

Yeah, we all have our weaknesses :wink: I make up for mine by being able to listen to reason, and see where I’m wrong.


Do we have a new generation of quite weak bots based on the new technology (MC, NN…) ?

If so I’m interested to see if they are better “teacher” as before.

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https://www.cosumi.net/en/ you can also play cosumi bot on various levels not sure how strong depending on each board but it is decent as a alternative.


Just did a quick game lvl 0 on 99. Still need a try on 1919
It’s a new generation, nice moves, … Too nice :smile: I guess a lvl in sdk indeed too strong for a beginner.
The scoring was wrong sadly. Gave me a victory of 25 when it was like 8… In not a difficult position, so I didn’t understand. No way of saving, would have shared that

Thanks , nice little program.

19*19 with cosumi lvl0 won with 30 points in a relax game. That’s could make it around 6-7k ? So definitely not for DDK.

I tried too. I won by 17,5 as white. I would say maybe around 8-10k.

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