Where do you recommend complete beginners learn GO?

Hello all,

I have always recommended “The Interactive Way to GO” as what I think is the best intro to the game. However recently someone wanting to learn GO in between work on their Iphone was unable to use the site due to lack of support on mobile platforms for Flash and Java.

Are there any other sites as good? I think it is superlative in that teaches and practices a simple concept before moving on. ( And it is Japanese rules which is most common in the US)

I would love it if OGS hosted "The Interactive Way to GO " in their web based fashion. That way anyone could use it and it would be a great lead in for OGS.

I await comments from people more knowledgeable than I.



321go, though not sure if that works on phone

IWG is a really great intro. Not sure if there’s anything quite as good

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OGS has a tutorial as well: https://online-go.com/learn-to-play-go


Thank you Crodgers I figured there must be a place to learn online at OGS. I actually looked for it and did a search but got GO problems etc… I was looking at the top space bar and not the home page. It is a good intro. Same basic concept as IWG… I will use it as a backup for IWG. It did not mention that diagonals are not connected.

Ty, I will forward this to my friend so they can learn on their phone!


Saxmaam, thank you for the site as well. There are several languages avail there.